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We are not here to destroy what Mother Nature has created.

Modert Excavating Inc. is designed to help give it a facelift from time to time as needed .

 We have a large family and a stake in the future for the generations after ours. 


Excavation not only clears land to build commercial and residential property when creating human habitat and shelter in areas normally not buildable. 

It plays an important role in our environment. By understand and maintain the balance of the natural habitat.  We are creating new growth by creating ditches for drainage to help forested wetlands to increase.

Restoration and design of ponds and lakes that help stop erosion and rotting of trees. By removing dead timber and rotting roots that has profoundly altered water quality in areas. In clearing them away for proper drainage for cleaner water in ponds and streams letting natural filtration do its job. In this creating new healthier growth of the area and cleaner water to sustain life. 

It is important for farmland in the same aspect because it creates drainage from crops in flooded field helping them  grow and creates water when needed in area that can not sustainable.

Excavation is important for roadways we all drive on every day. Because it not only designs the roads that safely take you to your destination. It creates the drainage to keep them from becoming hazarded to drive on. 

We care about the environment for it gives us work on a daily bases and we have children, grandchildren  and great grandchildren that will be enjoying the earth along with yours.


We want to make sure all the blue skies, clean water, green trees and fresh air is hear for them to inherit. 

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